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New Delhi  : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 13, 2019, condoled the loss of lives caused by Hagibis Typhoon in Japan.

PM Modi said, ” I offer condolences on behalf of all Indians on the loss of life caused by super-typhoon Hagibis in Japan. I wish early recovery from the damage and devastation caused by this natural calamity. I am sure that the preparedness and resilience of the Japanese people and the leadership of my friend Shinzo Abe would be able to address the aftermath effectively and quickly. Japan’s preparedness against natural disasters is well appreciated. India stands in solidarity with Japan at this difficult hour. Personnel of the Indian Navy, in Japan on a scheduled visit, will be happy to assist immediately.”

The typhoon has left around 35 persons dead and 17 are missing in eastern part of Japan on October 12, 2019.


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