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New Delhi : PM Narendra Modi on August 23, 2017, interacted with a group of over 70 Additional Secretaries and Joint Secretaries serving in the Government of India. This was the first of five such interactions. During the interaction, the officers shared their experiences on subjects such as a digital and smart governance, administrative procedures and accountability, transparency, doubling of farmers’ income, skill development, Swachh Bharat, consumer rights, environment protection, and building of New India by 2022.

The Prime Minister said the combination of development and good governance is essential for the welfare and satisfaction of citizens. He said good governance should be a priority of the officers. He emphasized on the need for all wings of the government working in harmony to achieve the best possible results. He said all officers must keep the poor and the ordinary citizens in their minds while taking decisions, according toa PIB release.

The Prime Minister said the world is looking to India with positive expectations. He said the entire world feels that a successful India is vital for a global balance. He said there is also a strong undercurrent for excellence from the common citizens of India. Youth from humble backgrounds, with very limited resources are achieving best positions at competitive exams and sports. He asked the officers to work to promote this spontaneous upsurge of talent recalling the spirit and energy that they themselves would have possessed in the first three years of their service, according to thePIB release.

The Prime Minister said this was a unique opportunity for officers to deliver their utmost for the benefit of the nation. He emphasised on the importance of breaking silos, and efficient internal communication between various departments of the government. He also underlined the necessity of speed and efficiency in decision making. He said that honest decision making with good intention would always be encouraged by the Union Government. He asked the officers to focus attention on the 100 most backward districts of India, so that they can be brought up to the national average level on various development parameters, according to the release.

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