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Madhubani: Executive Engineer, Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), Sasaram, Ram Ayodhya
Thakur, was arrested by Madhubani police with the help of their Sasaram counterparts at Sasaram on May 17. Police were executing an arrest warrant against him issued by Madhubani court in connection with alleged fraudulent withdrawals of Rs 1.12 crore and misappropriation of government money under Swachcha Bharat Mission while he
held the office of PHED executive engineer at Madhubani  prior to his posting at Sasaram.

Two FIRs were lodged against him with Madhubani Town Police station in this connection. Lodging of FIRs against Thakur, Executive Engineer-cum- Secretary of Zila Jal Evam Swachchata Samiti, and others was preceded by an inquiry by a three-member fact-finding team constituted by the DM, Madhubani, in the wake of complaints of irregularities in the construction of toilets under the scheme. The DM also happens to be Chairman of the Samiti.

The fact-finding committee reportedly found the allegations to be true and also stumbled on incriminating facts about the fraud and  misappropriation to the tune of Rs 1.12 crore 12lack. On the basis of the report of the team, which was further corroborated by police investingation, two FIRs were lodged against Ram Ayodhya Thakur and
district coordinator, Manish Kumar, on two different dates with the town police station.While the first FIR alleging fraudulent withdrawals was lodged by the present executive engineer and secretary of the Samiti Nitya Nand Prasad, on 12 March,2016, the second one was lodged on 14 April, 2016.

Manish Kumar already stands suspended by the department. According to police, even though Manish Kumar was issued a cheque for only Rs 29,430, he withdrew Rs 2,29, 430  from PNB on  August 10, 2015, fraudulently by tempering with the cheque. Similarly, he withdrew Rs 2,27,285 and Rs 4,15,000 against cheques issued for only Rs27,285 and Rs 15,000 on September  16 and 17 , 2015 respectively.

Again , fraudulent withdrawals of Rs 46 lakh and Rs 42 lakh were made on  October 11 ,2015, and
April 7, 2016, respectively by forging the signature of the District magistrate who also happens to be the Chairman of the Samiti. Apart from these, a total of Rs 16 lakh was also withdrawn in similar  manner against seven separate cheques.

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