Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : New year day was celebrated in Bhojpur district with much fun and frolic. As the clock ticked 12 on December 31 midnight, people of every age started wishing their near and dear ones. In the morning on January 1, the first day of 2017, people particularly women thronged different temples especially Aranya Devi and Mahavir temples to offer r prayer.

Since early morning, Veer Kuer Singh Park, different hotels and restaurants, gardens and river banks, Ramana Maidan and Bakhorapur Mandir, banks of river Sone and Ganga, Veer Kuer Singh Fort at Jagdishpur, Mahathin Dai temple at Bihia, airport at Majhaua at Ara, buzzed with activities of thousands of boys, girls and even elderly people  gathered there for enjoying the day. Many people also visited Bahiara under Koelwar block which has a palace like  construction and a number of ponds and a 100 feet high stupa of the British period. Drinking water is supplied to the people from here. Likewise, a waterfall at Padaria located between Ara and Koelwar also attracted people who enjoyed taking bath there and sitting on about 125 feet wide terrace of  marble. Padaria is around 7 km away from Ara.

Some people also went on picnic with their family members to celebrate the day. Though some obscene scenes were also noticed in some restaurants, park and also on the banks of river. Almost all the temples, hotels, restaurants were decorated tastefully with lights,flowers and balloons. Hotels and restaurants made several lucrative offers and special plans to mark the occasion. People enjoyed orchestra and DJ. Some clubs and organizations organized cultural programmes.

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