Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : People aspiring to contest 2019 parliamentary elections to be held sometime in April or May this year will have to declared their criminal background, if any, thrice after announcement of the elections schedule.

Bhoupur DM Sanjeev Kumar on February 14, 2019, said that as per the new guidelines of the Election Commission of India (ECI), every person wishing to contest the elections will have to publish the affidavits they submitted during filling of their nomination in the newspapers and electronic channels thrice at least 48 hours before the date of polls so that the people could get information about the candidates before excercising their franchise. He said that the candidates have to get no objection certificates from the media cell before publication of any advertisement in the newspapers or electronic channels otherwise it would be treated as violation of model code of conduct and cost incurred in advertisements and declaration of their criminal background would be added to the election expenses of the candidates concerned.

The DM said that with  a view to maintaining transparency and streamlining the democratic system, the ECI has launched an app “cvigil” this time which would become operational as the election is announced. He added that anyone can send live videos and photographs of any corrupt practices adopted by the candidates and political parties to woo the voters or spread hatred through speeches on communal, caste, creed or other means, directly through this app and the flying squads of the district concerned would take action after thorough verification.

The DM further said that defacement of property in any form whether it is government or private would come under Preventione of Defacement of Property Act and strict action would be taken against the candidates.

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