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New Delhi:    The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has taken suo moto cognizance of media reports that  police delayed taking action in the incident involving the death of a 14-year old boy Rajat Menon in a scuffle with two paan masala sellers in Mayur Vihar, East Delhi, on June 29, 2016.

The two pan sellers allegedly sold marijuana to many people in the locality and a complaint about their misbehaviour was made to the police earlier also. Allegedly, the police are in connivance with the sellers and are being given a cut from the profit they make.  The paan masala sellers even had molested the local women but police did not register the case.

The Commission has observed that the contents of media reports, if true, raise serious issues of violation of Right to Life and Right to Health in the wake of contraband substances being supplied by the local shops without any preventive and prohibitive action by police. The allegation that the police did not take immediate action in the matter, if true, violates the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court of India. The District Administration and the police are answerable for the same.

Accordingly, notices have been issued to the Commissioner of Police, Delhi, and Deputy Commissioner, District East, Delhi, calling for reports within a week as to what were leading to the death of Rajat Menon and when was the incident of death reported to the police? The commission has also sought to know from them when was the F.I.R. registered and what was the reason for public protests in front of New Ashok Vihar police station on June 29, 2016, night? Is there any truth in the allegation that narcotic drugs are being sold to young people through the paan shops / kiosks in the area? the commission has asked.

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