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Patna: Bihar CM NItish Kumar on Friday expressed hope that the new liquor policy would be passed unanimously by the state legislature. He said that unanimous passage of the Excise Act earlier had sent the right  message among the people of the state. He was talking to reporters on the state legislature premises on the first day of its short monsoon session. The CM said that Prohibition was a social issue and it should not be mixed with politics. He said that since there were some contradictions in the amended Excise Act of 1915 and  were creating problems in the imlementation of prohibition hence to remove these contradictions new law was being enacted.

Replying to a query, the CM said that he had supported the issue of domicile in Jharkhand and would not hold a different view when it concerns Bihar. He, however, said that under the constitutional provision any person can work anywhere in the country. The issue should be discussed thoroughly first and only after that any decision should be taken in consultation with all the political parties, the Bihar CM said. Nitish said that the people should be allowed to work in any part of the country. He, however, felt that the locals must get preference in the jobs particularly in state government services.

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