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Nawada: The sun ‘disappeared’ from the skies whole of Thursday adding to the woes of the 22 lakh population of Nawada district which already has been reeling under cold and foggy conditions. Besides, it has  impacted growth of crops and vegetables and fear of potato crop getting affected with blight has dampened the spirit of farmers. Exceptional good monsoon rainfall this year, unseen in last 10 years, has triggered a cold wave, say the people.

The temperature has already dropped to 10 degree Celsius and may come down to as low as 4 degrees in the coming months. Surprisingly, while many districts have issued orders to protect school-going children from the cold, officials have left Nawada in the cold by not declaring closure of schools.

District education officer (DEO) Gorakh Prasad  said that the DM has merely issued orders to both government as well as private schools to function after 9 am only. Prasad said that he was unaware of schools being closed in other districts due to severe cold wave and asked for newspaper cutting of districts which have ordered closure of schools in order to request the DM to order closure!

Attendance in offices and schools also suffered and the railway stations, bus stands and market places recorded thin presence of people. Apart from regular plying of trucks and buses, private vehicles recorded low presence on roads.

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