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Munger: Banks in Munger would now maintain a register showing attendance of the security guards and mobile police personnels with time and date every day. Munger police have taken a serious view of incidents of broad daylight loot of cash from customers after withdrawal of the amount from banks in Munger town including that of a big construction company on June 6 when Rs 10 lakh was looted by the criminals at gun point from the driver when he was stepping out of the car with cash bag just when he was reaching his office in Bellan Bazar area under Kashim Bazar police station.

At an emergent meeting of the branch managers of the nationalised banks besides the SBI convened by Munger  district administration on Saturday, SP Ashish Kumar held discussion on measures to be taken to prevent such incidents.The SP directed the bank managers to ensure that no payment worth Rs.50,000 or over should be made to any customer in public. He said such payment should be made either in their official chambers or in any secret room to keep the criminals at distance from smelling about any big payment. The SP suggested that the security guards in banks should be kept alert during the working hours and should not be engaged in any sundry job by the bank.

The SP directed the bankers to install CCTV cameras even outside their bank premises to identify the persons escaping with money after looting the bank. The SP, sharing his experiences in Vishakhapattnam, Andhra Pradesh, also suggested the bankers to form a league of all the branches in the area and maintain a joint mobile van with at least five or six security guards. The van with security guards will be moving around all the bank branches during transaction period. The driver of the mobile van would rush after even a slight alarm from any corner, the SP said. The bankers were asked to implement the decisions taken at this meeting with immediate effect.


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