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New Delhi : Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH), Government of India, notified constitution of the National Road Safety Board, along with Rules thereof, on September 3, 2021The Rules specify provisions regarding its composition , eligibility for Chairman and Members of the Board, selection process, term of office, procedure for resignation and removal, powers and functions of the Board, meetings of the Board etc.

The Head Office of the Board shall be in the National Capital Region and the Board may establish offices at other places in India. It shall consist of the Chairman and not less than three, but not exceeding seven Members, to be appointed by the Central Government, according to a PIB release.

The Board shall be responsible for promoting road safety, innovation and adoption of new technology, and for regulating traffic and motor vehicles. For this purposes, inter alia, the Board shall

  1. Formulate(a) specific standards for road safety, traffic management and road construction for hilly regions; (b) guidelines for capacity building and development of skills for traffic police, hospital authorities, highway authorities, educational and research organisations and other organisations; (c) guidelines for establishing and operating trauma facilities and para-medical facilities, for consideration by the Central Government.
  2. provide technical advice and assistance to the Central Government, State Governments and local authorities on road safety and traffic management;
  3. promote (a) Good Samaritans; (b) good practices in road safety and traffic management; (c)new vehicle technology in the field of vehicular engineering; (d) co-ordination with international organisations; and (e) consistency between international technical standards and domestic technical standards,
  4. conduct research to improve road safety, traffic management, crash investigation.