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Madhubani: A palpable sense of fear stalks every nook and corner of the magnificent building housing the office of
Lalit Narain Mithila University (LNMU), Darbhanga. If asked why this sense of fear haunts them, men occupying spacious rooms including the officers predictably deny it but their faces betray their words.
“ Here no one seems to be sure when he would be rained with unprintable abuses by a lumpen who enjoys the status of an extra-constitutional authority, thanks to the patronage allegedly given to him by the present Vice-Chancellor Dr Saket Kushwaha,” informed one Anil Nath Jha, a former student leader of the university and presently a prominent leader of Madhubani District Congress Committee, whom this reporter met in the corridors of university office.

The man in question is one Rohit Yadav, a diminutive and stout young man. He struts the corridors of the university with an authority next only to that of the VC. This reporter saw him barge into the pension section on Saturday and mouth some unprintable abuses just for the heck of it. The purpose apparently seemed to be to  make those present feel who he was. This was the man who was at the centre of a storm sometime back in which students including girls were brutally assaulted when they tried to meet the VC with some genuine problems, informed a university employee on the condition of anonymity. Only God can save this university and higher education in the state  if elements like Rohit are allowedLNMU to rule the roost, rued another employee.

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