Satish Aditya
Motihari :  The sensational kidnapping and gang rape of a 14 year old  girl, a high school student of village Raghunathpur, by     by two youth  of the same village on July 28, 2019, late night, at MNREGA Park  in Chhatauni locality of Motihari Town, headquarters of East Champaran district has triggered panic among the people even as police have arrested both the accused. It  it was the first case of gang rape in Motihari town this year. Both MMNREGA Park and Raghunathpur are located in Motihari.

The father of the survivor lodged FIR with Raghunathpur  Police Outpost of police against the two accused : Ashutosh and Munna Quraishi, on July 29, 2019, and police arrested both of them the same day and sent them to Motihari Central Jail.            Sandeep Kumar,  SHO, Raghunathpur Police Outpost, said that the police investigation into the incident was on and the car used to kidnap the girl  has been seized. The car belongs ton Munna Quraishi, he said.

The father of the survivor alleged that she was going to purchase medicine at Raghunathpur in the night when Ashutosh and  Quraishi, who were on road with a car, kidnapped her girl  and forced her  to sit in the  car and sped away towards  MNREGA Park and raped her there. The two accused then dropped the girl outside her home in the dead of night.

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