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Patna: A strong offensive has been launched by both UPA and NDA leaders in Bihar criticising the former judge of Supreme Court of India Markandey Katju offering ‘a package deal’ to Pakistan to take over Bihar along with Kashmir to end the dispute “once and for all”. Leaders from Bihar recalled martyrdom of hundreds of jawans from Bihar on Kashmir front too.

However, there was no impact on Katju till evening who suggested those felt offended should file a petititon against him in the Supreme Court (which according to the former SC judge has enough time to deal with frivolous matters and little time for serious matters). The former judge on Tuesday morning put a post on his facebook claiming Atal Bihari Vajpayee had offered this deal to General Musharraf at Agra summit but he “stupidly rejected it. Now,the offer is coming again. Mat Chooku Chauhan,”he commented .

Chief minister Nitish Kumar strongly condemned the statement of Katju and said he issued the statement just for publicity.”Use Chhapne ki Bimari Hai. He is not lord  (Mai-baap) of Bihar.Bihar has a glorious past and at one stage in world history, Pataliputra (modern Patna) was capital from where entire Asia was ruled.(Yahin se aadha vishwa par shashan chalta tha).The CM said the former judge should should apologise to the people of Bihar.

Tejeshwai Yadav, RJD leader and deputy CM, said Justice Katju had contributed to the nation both in bad and good times. No fun should be made of Bihar’s contributions.

Vinod Narayan Jha, MLC  and BJP chief spokesman, said Justuce Katju should be booked on sedition charges and be jailed.

Former deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi said,” It was justice Katju who had claimed in May Nitish Kumar was qualified to be elected as prime minister. One should not take Justice Katju’s comments seriously.” Premchandra Mishra, AICC spokesman, said the former judge should be prosecuted on charges of sedition. He should tender an apology to Bihar, Mishra said.

Jan Adhikar Party president Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav, MP,too alleged Katju had played a dirty joke on people of BIhar.”Either he apologise for his remarks or face prosecution on sedition charges,”Pappu said.

After receiving adverse posts on social media, Justice Katju put another post on his facebook suggesting those who felt offended by his comments on handing over Bihar along with Kashmir should file a petition in the Supreme Court.”They should put their petition in the Supreme Court praying banning of jokes on Biharis. Already similiar petiion on jokes against Sardarji are pending in the Supreme Court (which has a lot of time to deal with such frivolous matters and little time to deal with urgent matters),” Katju said.

On the day, the former judge’s facebook comments read ” Pakistan-we offer you Kashmir but on the condition you also take Bihar. Let us end the dispute once and for all. It is a package deal. You have to take the whole package or none at all. Either you take both Kashmir and Bihar or nothing.We will not give you Kashmir alone.”

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