Alok Mishra
Patna :  Bihar police headquarters on September 3, 2018, said that the joint action by Bihar Police and CRPF has broken the backbone of Maoists in the state. ADG ( Headquarters) S K Singhal claimed that Bihar has slipped to
fifth place in naxal violence.
Quoting a report released by the Union government, ADG Singhal said that earlier Bihar used to be on third spot in naxal violence. Singhal said that if the figures of past three years are taken into consideration,  there has been sharp decline in incidents of naxal violence in Bihar while it recorded maximum arrest of Maoists. In 2016, Singhal said, 100 incidents of naxal violence had taken place in Bihar while in 2017 the figure stood at 71 and 2018 up to August, it came down to just 25 incidents.
Singhal said that if the figure of arrest of Maoists arrests is taken into account, 468 Maoists were arrested in 2016, followed by 383 in 2017 while in 2018 ( till August) the figure is 262. The arrests include some hardcore ones. He claimed that huge arms and ammunitions including AK-47, 10 regular rifles and 4731 live cartridges were seized.
Similarly, levy worth Rs 4,35,680 were seized in 2016 while the figure in 2017 was Rs 1, 92,600 and this year up to
August, Rs. 9, 26,772 has been seized, Singhal added.
Singhal further said that police not only seized levy amount collected by Maoists, their property was also confiscated. He said that property of hardcore Maoists including Sandeep Yadav, Pradumn Sharma, Musafir Sahni, Arvind Yadav, and Anil Ram and their relatives have beenconfiscated.
According to Singhal, action of Bihar Police against Maoists has earned appreciation from the centre and Union Home Ministry has given appreciation letter to the state. He claimed that there has been reduction in number of losses to Bihar Police and citizens compared to previous years. He said that in 2016, thirteen policemen were killed while in 2018, only one policeman was killed.
Singhal said that 13 citizens were killed in Maoist attack in 2016 while in 2017 the figure stood at 17 and in 2018 up to
August, the figure is six.
Meanwhile, a press communiqué issued from CRPF DG office claimed that an innocent woman was killed in Jamui by Maoists on charge of spying and said it was a cowardice act. The woman was not a spy and had married in another caste defying the Maoists, it said. His husband was earlier associated with Maoists and at present he was trying
to enter the mainstream hence Maoists murdered his wife, the CRPF claimed. CRPF is running anti-naxal operations and would wipe Maoists, the release added.

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