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Patna : The JD(U) on April 3, 2017, suspended former Bikramganj MLA Suryadev Singh from the primary membership of the party for his involvement in criminal activities.
Giving this information, JD(U) general secretary Navin Kumar Arya said that Suryadev Singh had been suspended from the party on the directive of Bihar JD(U) Bashistha  Narayan Singh, MP. Suryadev Singh was not holding any post in the party, Arya said.
Suryadev Singh was arrested on April 1 evening for resorting to indiscriminate firing from the rooftop of his house at village Tenduni in Rohtas district killing a minor girl Hazra Khatoon and injuring three other children besides his nephew Guddu Kumar, 34. who lives next door. Singh had a dispute with his nephew over a drain. All the four children were playing on the lane when the former MLA Singh opened fire.
Suryadev Singh also fired at the police team which reached there after the incident and surrounded his house, according to ASP N K Singh. Police also seized firearms including a rifle from Singh’s house. Singh was first elected to Bihar assembly in 1990 as IPF nominee.
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