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New Delhi : Indian Naval Ship Sharda, based at Kochi, rescued five fishermen from sea. They were found floating in the water after their fishing vessel, FV Omkaram, sank some 35 km North West of Azhikal port, on March 4, 2019. The incident occurred at around 9:30 am when the ship was on patrol in the area.

An alert lookout sighted a movement in the water, which turned out to be five floating fishermen. The ship acted with alacrity and immediately altered course towards the survivors. It thereafter lowered its life boats and successfully rescued and brought on board all five fishermen within ten minutes of the initial sighting. Two of the fishermen had sustained minor injuries and were administered first aid by the Ship’s Medical Team. The ship thereafter headed for Kochi to disembark the survivors.

The rescued fishermen said that they had cast off from Cheruvathur in Kasargod at 4 am on March 4, 2019. As per them, water started entering their 13 feet boat, which they were unable to control, and the heavy flooding ultimately caused the boat to sink. The fishermen had to remain afloat without any life saving devices from 6:30 am till the time they were rescued. They were out of mobile range and were unable to swim or to seek help from other boats. They said that they had removed their clothes to wave at the ship and had almost lost hope of being rescued.

All the survivors:  Boat owner Manoharan (56), Vasav (57), Chandran (60), Suresh (42), Surendran (49) belong to Kanjanghad, Kasargod. The survivors were provided food, water and fresh clothing by the ship’s crew. Efforts are on to inform their next of kin as well as Trikkaripur local coastal police station, according to a PIB release.


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