Richesh Anand

Araria : Bihar CM Nitish Kumar reached village Rampur Kodarkati by car on December 7 and visited the Mahadalit tola of ward no-12 and inspected the PCC, water supply system and construction of toilets there. After hearing applause from one of the woman of the village, the CM spoke about the benefits of prohibition. He urged the villagers to be part of Human Chain on January 21 in support of prohibition in the state. Nitish also met the Jivika workers popularly called `Didi’ and asked them to dismantle and destroy the wine furnace, if any, at villages.  The entire district administration will help them.

The CM inaugurated the newly built DRCC building on Araria Block campus. Later, addressing a well attended public meeting ( Chetna Sabha) at Araria College Stadium, Nitish said that prohibition is the demand of time. China has banned opium and made spectacular progress. China could progress in a short span of time due to total ban on opium and if India has to progress on par with china, it will have to implement total ban on wine, Nitish said.

“Today Bihar is progressing.  The crime rate has remarkably been reduced including domestic violence has been reduced at villages of Bihar due to prohibition,” the CM said.


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