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New Delhi: As part of their valedictory session as Assistant Secretaries, IAS officers of the 2014 batch on  October 27 made presentations before PM Narendra Modi.  Eight selected presentations on various themes of governance were made by the officers including DBT, Swachh Bharat, e-Courts, Tourism, Health and Satellite Applications in Governance.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister complimented the young officers, for their in-depth presentations. He said the attachment of IAS officers as Assistant Secretaries with the Union Government had been envisaged as a mechanism that would bring the best out of the blend of youth and experience. He said that the results as presented today gave him satisfaction that this vision was well on the road to realization, according to a PIB release.

Stating that politics should never override policy, the Prime Minister urged the officers to use two touchstones to help them in their decision-making: (a) that the decisions should never be counter to national interest, and (b) that the decisions should not harm the poorest of the poor. 

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