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New Delhi: Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Justice H L Dattu, on Friday said that  the fundamental issues of governance affecting the day to day life of the people must be discussed to identify the drawbacks and show the way forward. He said that if the issues are addressed priority wise, many problems affecting human rights at micro or sectoral level may not even arise so as to need further legislation or rules to fix them.

Justice Dattu was inaugurating the two- day National Consultation organized by the NHRC in New Delhi to assess the prevailing human rights situation the country. Based on the regional and national consultation, the NHRC would submit a report to the UN mandated Human Rights Council for the third Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the human rights status in the country. He said that legislation, rules and regulations for everything do not always solve problems rather too many of them create confusion in the minds of  masses and tend to compound the problems.

He said that the problem, perhaps, lies more with the inconsistency in the implementation mechanism of several welfare measures due to the lack of awareness among the both the beneficiaries and benefactor at almost all levels of society and even hierarchy in government machinery. Justice Dattu said that the UN mandated Universal Periodic Review should not be so much about putting holes as much as it should be about plugging holes in the scheme of things introduced and implemented for the general good.

Earlier, N C Saxena, Supreme Court appointed Commissioner on Right to Food, pointed out shortcomings in the implementation of various welfare programmes and  said that funds allocated to different ministries were not being utilized as a result the government is reducing them in each subsequent year.


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