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Bokaro ( Jharkhand) : Four suspected cases of Dengue have been detected in Bokaro Steel City in last 36 hours prompting Bokaro district administration to sounded high alert in the district. It has directed all hotels and guests houses besides  railway stations in the district  to keep close eyes on patients who are suffering from high fever and other symptoms  of dengue  and immediately inform Bokaro civil surgeon office to  rush with emergency medical help.

Of the four patients, Suresh Mahto, 28,  is from Dhanbad, Vikash Kumar, 21, from Shivpur, Bokaro, Pawan Kumar Gope of Chas (Bokaro)  have been admitted  at Bokaro general hospital  while Ankit Kumar Giri of  sector  IX—C was  admitted to Bokaro Sadar hospital from where he was shifted  to Bokaro general hospital on Friday. Sources stated that  the first three patients  had come to Bokaro  from New Delhi  three days back while Ankit , who studies at Kolkata, had come to Bokaro on September 15 morning with very high feve.

Bokaro civil surgeon Dr S Murmu on Friday sent the blood samples of all  four suspected patients for Elisa  based NS(I) test to Dr A K Agrawal, head of department of micro-biology department, Rajendra institute of  medical science, Ranchi, to ascertain whether these patients were suffering from dengue as Bokaro does not have this testing  facility. The civil surgeon  stated that  a special isolated ward has been created at Bokaro Sadar hospital  for  patients suffering from Dengue or Chikungunya while high alert has been sounded in the entire  district and all private hospitals and nursing homes have been asked to give daily report of such patients. Bokaro steel plant chief of communications  Manikant Dhan confirmed  that  three patients  feared to be suffering from dengue  were admitted at Bokaro general hospital.

Mobile medical teams are being sent to all 8 blocks of  the district. Giving details about the medical teams, Bokaro malaria officer Anil Poddar  stated that  team members will not only  check  whether any family members is suffering  from illness but will also educate masses not to keep water in pots for long period and maintain  one ‘Dry day’ in each house clearing stagnant water  where mosquito  breeding takes place. “ Besides different sector of  Bokaro  steel city and Chas, we are also   targeting dwelling units  situated in forest zones of   Bermo,   Nawadih, Gomia, Petarwar , Kasmar , Chadankyari, Chas and Chandrapura where besides sprinkling of DDT powder, cleanliness drive is being carried side to side,” informed Poddar.

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