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Ara : Thirty-four colleges under  Veer Kuer Singh University (VKSU), Ara, will have to apply afresh for affiliation if no decision in this regard is taken by the State Education Department by August 31, 2019. And  if that  happens, future of hundreds of students will hang in balance as they can’t get admission in these colleges in the academic year 2019-2022. Besides, students studying in these colleges for the academic year 2018-2021 may be tagged to other colleges.

Education Department refused affiliation to 34 colleges under VKSU as they failed to submit relevant papers and documents to the department on time resulting in no admission in these colleges for the academic year 2019-2022. The administration of these colleges knocked the door of Patna High Court and the VKSU administration sent papers and documents of these colleges once again to the Education department for its consent on affiliation of these colleges.

Registrar, VKSU, Col Shyamanand Jha said that affiliation has been grated to two out of 36 colleges under  VKSU but affiliation to 34 colleges could not be given as their papers and documents were not submitted to the Education Department on time. He said that the VKSU administration is in regular contact with the Education Department and the required papers and documents had been sent to the Education Department. He said that after refusal of proposal for neo-affiliation, extension, temporary and permanent affiliation, these colleges have to apply afresh for affiliation.

The Registrar said that guidelines have been issued for applying afresh for affiliation and now any degree college has to abide by the order of the Governor cum Chancellor’s office and has to apply on time for neo -affiliation, extension, temporary and permanent affiliation as per the direction of the Chancellor cum Governor and added that the VKSU had fixed September 15, 2019, as  last date for applying for affiliation

Jha said that the papers and documents of these colleges will be verified till September 25, 2019, and related report would be submitted by October 8, 2019, after which a meeting of affiliation committee will be held before October 15, 2019, meeting of academic council by October 20, 2019, and approval of Syndicate and Senate by October 30, 2019, and November 15, 2019 respectively. He added that proposals duly sanctioned by the Syndicate and Senate of the VKSU will have to be submitted to the Education Department, Government of Bihar, by January 15, 2020, for affiliation.

On the other hand, future of students studying in these colleges in the academic session 2018-2021 hangs in balance and matter of their registration is pending in the VKSU and if no decision is taken about affiliation of these colleges, the students of these colleges might be attached to other colleges in their interest and a list of students has been prepared.

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