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Bokaro ( Jharkhand) :  A blessing ceremony was organized at DPS Bokaro on February 23 to wish good luck to the class XII students appearing at the ensuing CBSE Examination starting from March 9, 2017. The students, who  were  shown  motivational videos, were quite  inspired watching the video of the outstanding success their seniors had achieved at the last years’ Board exams.

Director and Principal, DPS Bokaro, Hemlata S Mohan showered her blessings on the students appearing at the Board examinations. She said, “DPS students are brilliant and outshine all with their glories. Sustained hard work, patience and perseverance are the hallmarks of the successful students. Throughout the year, you all had worked very hard and everyone knows you are the best student out there. All you need to do is to keep believing in your consistent efforts and keep studying and revising with pleasure. Good luck. May God bless you all with a positive mind, an enthusiastic spirit and a perfect environ at your home to come out shining at the Board Exams.”

Encouraging students, she shared success stories of the past and provided tips to handle difficult situation rather than get panic. She reiterated the DPS students  never give up. Life is beautiful and gives wonderful opportunities to everyone and one must look forward to it. She also shared tips to deal with the ‘extra’ stress associated with the board exams. She advised the candidates to have a healthy diet, manage enough sleep and concentrate during this crucial stage in a student’s life. Towards the end of a motivating and a very informative session, a power-point presentation guided the students with exam details, helpline numbers.

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