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New Delhi : Minister of Communications Manoj Sinha on May 2, 2017, launched here `Tarang Sanchar’, a web portal for Information sharing on Mobile Towers and EMF Emission Compliances, and said that it will go a long way in clearing the myths and misconceptions of public on mobile towers and emissions from them.
He expressed hope that the portal will empower common man to know at the convenience of a mouse click about towers working in a particular locality and whether they are compliant to the EMF emission norms defined by the government, according to a PIB release.
Sinha said that the portal will allow users to get a tower or base station checked for radiation emission, for a fee of Rs 4,000. He said that mobile phone today has become an essential requirement for all including the poor in the remotest corner of the country and no one will be allowed to spread misconception about the harmful radiation from the towers to impede the growth of the country. Sinha reiterated that there are over 25,000 studies by WHO in the last 30 years on the subject and there is no proof that EMF radiation has any harmful effect on human health.
Brushing aside growing concerns over the emanating electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiations from mobile towers, Sinha once again reminded that Indian norms had prescribed 10 times stricter limits for radiation emission in comparison to global standards.
Sinha said that to realize the Prime Minister’s vision of Digital India, it is necessary to have more and more mobile towers and the Ministry has already approved installation of towers over government buildings, 16 places in post offices and soon a decision will be taken to install the same in Cantonment Boards, which will not only help in spreading digital connectivity, but will also solve the problem of call drops significantly, said the PIB release.
Describing the launch of the portal a historic step,he said that it has the complete collated technical details of over 14.5 lakh base stations (BTSs) spread across the country of all technologies (2G, 3G, 4G etc.) and of all Telecom Service Providers (TSPs).

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