Dr K K Kaushik

Muzaffarpur : Kunal Kumar, the domestic help of Muzaffarpur bullion traders : Ashok Goenka and Raj Kumar Goenka,  both brothers, lodged an FIR with Mithanpura police station late December 22 night against Gonenka brothers for  depositing Rs 13  crore into his four bank accounts – three in ICICI and one in Kotak Mahindra bank – to convert their black money into white after demonetisation on November 8, 2016by.

Kunal, who was quizzed  Income- tax officials on December 22 night at an undisclosed place, has told police that he was kept in dark about his bank accounts  which were allegedly opened in his name after taking his Aadhar Card and photographs. Kunal said he did not know as to why they had asked for his Aadhar Card and photograph few times. He also claimed that he was always paid his monthly salary in cash not through bank.

Inspector, Mithanpura police station, Muzaffarpur, Vijay Prasad Rai, confirmed that Kunal had lodged an FIR against Goenka brothers alleging they had opened bank accounts in his names and deposited Rs 13 crore into them keeping him in dark. He said that the police were verifying whether the bank accounts were opened under his signature.

It may be mentioned here that that the IT department had carried out search operation on the business and residential premises of Goenka brothers on December 21. Joint Commissioner Mohammad Sadab Ahmad said that black money worth Rs 13 crore were converted into while by opening bank accounts in the name of domestic help Kunal which was being inquired into.  He said the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has been informed accordingly.


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