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Munger: Pedestrians passing through under the newly constructed road bridge over goomti No 3 at Munger are facing problem as the ground floor under the bridge has not been levelled though the train services have started over the bridge. Even a mild shower creates waterlogging beneath the bridge causing immense trouble to the pedestrians and even rickhawpullers and cycle riders.  But, the railway officials concerned remain indifferent. Incidentally, the ground floor was levelled beneath the overbridge at goomti no.2 two months back by the work agency of that part of the area.

Diarrhoea:  The number of persons suffering from diarrhoea and abdomenal pain has increased in Munger. The doctors are of generally of the that mangoes made ripe with the aid of carbide gas, which are on sale, could be the reason behind it. A doctor said that the law does not permit the use carbide gas by fruit vendors.


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