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Dhanbad ( Jharkhand) : Pankaj Kunal , Manager, Bank of India, Maniyadih  branch falling in Tundi (about 35 km away from Dhanbad city), on January 3 complained to police that an attempt was made on his life as an unidentified person shot at him when he was going to bank in the morning on his motorcycle. He had close shave. An attempt was made on life of Pankaj several months ago too regarding which too he had lodged complaint with police.

However, when contacted  Dhanbad Senior Superintendent  of Police M R Chouthey stated that the firing incident seems ‘mysterious and suspicious’  as no used cartridges or any  eyewitness has come  in support of the firing.“On investigation no proof has been found of any firing incident from the spot where the bank manager has claimed he was fired at but had close shave, “ said Dhanbad SSP.

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