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Patna: Bihar CM Nitish  Kumar’s demand to abolish office of Governor which got support of his West Bengal counterpart Mamta Banerjee  at the Inter-state council meet is not new. It has been made in the past too. In 2008, CPM made the demand for abolition of Governor’s office and in 2006 an identical demand was made by Shiv Sena also.

When AIADMK leader J Jayalalitha was appointed CM in Tamil Nadu by the then Governor M Fathima Beevi, BJP’s Tamil Nadu unit and M Karunanidhi of DMK had made demands fo recall of Governor. The BJP had passed a resolution seeking abolition of Rajyapal’s post.

Governors in the past had been in controversy in almost all the states. In Bihar, Buta Singh and  Vinod Pandey had become controersial. Pandey invited NDA to form government though RJD had more seats in the state assembly.Buta Singh imposed President’s rule which was revoked by the Supreme Court. In the recent past, Governor’s decisions in two hilly states-Uttarakhand and Arunanchal Pradesh also have been revoked by the Supreme Court. In Arunanchal Pradesh, the governor had convened the assembly session in ermgency at a restaurant. In Uttarakhand too the governor acted in haste by recommending President’s rule

In Odisha, the then Governor Bishambhar Nath Pandey had created controversy in protest against the disruption in water supply in Bhubaneshwar when he declared he would not drink water from Raj Bhawan taps till all residents of the state capital got regular water supply. In Tamil Nadu,when differences between Governor and CM reached flash point, ithe kitchen of Raj Bhawan was closed due to sponsored strike by the staff courtesy J Jayalalitha.Conroversial actions of Romesh Bhanadri in UP over removal of elected government also reached SC which too criticised his actions.Sunder Singh Bhandari as Governor of Gujarat had issued instructions to allow government employees to join RSS. Soon after his removal from CM of Himachal Pradesh, Ram Lal was made governor of Andhra Pradesh.He landed in trouble by sacking the film star turned politcian N T Rama Rao.

Rajamannar Committee, in its report in 1971, had recommended a Governor should be removed only after charges of misbehaviour or incapacity after thorough inquiry by the Supreme Court.

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