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Banka: In a broad daylight bank dacoity, six armed criminals looted Rs 39 lakh cash from Chanan branch of SBI in Banka district on February 17 morning. The criminals numbering six reached the bank premises riding two bikes at 9.30 am and entered inside the bank counting notes as if they had to deposit the cash into the bank.

Only an accountant had reached the  bank by that time and was busy doing some work. Suddenly, the criminals took out their firearms and looted Rs 39 lakh cash from the bank and escaped. Banka SP Rajiv Ranjan reached the bank soon after getting information about the bank dacoity. Police are yet to arrest any criminal involved in bank dacoity. SP Rajiv Ranjan, however, said that the gang involved in bank dacoity had been identified and all the six criminals would be arrested at the earliest.

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