Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Buxar: A bridge over river Karmnasha connecting Bihar with Utter Pradesh is in dilapidsated condition due to indifferent attitude of the governments of both the states and plying of heavy vehicles on it might be stopped anytime. In that case, traders and businessmen of both the states will be at great loss at their business will come to a standstill as plying of heavy vehicles is already stopped on Veer Kuer Singh Ganga bridge connecting Buxar to Balia near Syndicate locality.

The Karmnashaa road bridge was built in the eighties near Chausa in Buxar district connecting Bihar with Utter Pradesh via Gazipur. This led to increase in business activities in the area. But now, two pillars of the bridge have become extremely weak and whenever a heavy vehicle passes, the bridge shakes. Besides, several ditches have appeared on the road.

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