Dr K K Kaushik

Muzaffarpur : The BEd students of BRABU, Muzaffarpur, on January 7 staged dharna on the university campus to protest alleged irregularities in the evaluation of answer-books of BEd first year exam papers resulting in only 49 % students clearing the exam. The students forced the closure of BEd colleges in Muzaffarpur and Vaishali districts on January 7. In fact, they had forced closure of several BEd colleges even on January 6.

BEd Chhatra Sanghursh Committee patron Ashutosh Kumar alleged that the BEd first year exam answer-books were not evaluated properly resulting in 49 % students clearing the exam. He demanded fresh evaluation of the answer-books. The BEd first year exam results were declared two weeks backs and the examinees are protesting the results ever since alleging irregularities in evaluation.

The university was closed for two weeks. As soon as the university  and BEd c0lleges re-opened after vacation, the BEd students have resumed their agitation. The students claim they were  admitted after clearing the entrance test hence there was no question of so many students failing at the exam.

Meanwhile, the management of Bishun Rai Rajdev Rai BEd college of Bachcha Rai has asked for tabulation register and mark-sheet of first year BEd examinees of the college to start second year course. But, students of the college have demanded their admission to other BEd colleges in second year.

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