Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : Aarti Devi was elected Chairperson of 31 member Bhojpur District Board on Thursday. She defeated her nearest rival Ashok Kumar by seven votes. She got 19 votes while her rival got only 12 votes. Arti Devi is wife of a contract teacher Hareram Satyarthi and had won the seat from Koelwar (north).

Phulwanti Devi was elected Deputy Chairperson of Bhojpur District Board defeating her nearest rival Shoshila Devi by  four votes. She got 17 votes while and her rival got 13 votes.  One member did not vote. Phulwanti Devi was elected member of Bhojpur District Board from Bampali under Udwantnagar block. Later, Bhojpur District Magistrate Bhojpur cum Returning Officer Birendra Prasad Yadav administered oath to both the elected officials and gave them certificates.

Prior to the election for the posts of Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson, the DM administered oath to all the 31 newly elected members of the Bhojpur District Board in the conference hall of the Bhojpur District Board located on the campus of Ara collectorrate. The district administration had made elaborate arrangements for the election of the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of Bhojpur District Board and section 144 of CrPC was enforced in 100 yard circle of the venue besides deputing magistrates at 13 strategic points with police force to avoid any untoward incident during election.

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