Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : Ministry of Railway has approved about half a dozen schemes to give a facelift of Ara railway station under Danapur Division of East Central Railway (ECR). Ara railway station will have platform No 4 very soon. This platform will be  fconstructed after filling up the pond near Ara railway station with two entry points.

Sanjay Prakash Mishra, personal secretary to Ara MP R K Singh, said that DRM R K Jha and  Ara MP R K Singh had planned to give  facelift to Ara railway station in 2016. The MP had sent a proposal to the Zonal office for  construction of platform no. 4 from Bihari Mill side, washing pit and maintenance line centre at Ara. The railway  ministry approved the project.

After the construction of washing pit and maintenance line centre, Jharkhand bound trains and other trains may originate from Ara that will facilitate the Ara passengers. Sanjay Prakash Mishra said that Platform Nos, 1, 2, 3 will be renovated, the entire platforms will be covered with sheds, sitting arrangements of the passengers will be improved, lavatory and drinking water facilities will also be provided and foot over bridge will also be made at Ara railway station and platforms. He said that the railway ministry had earlier approved construction of escalator and lift for the benefit of differently abled people at Ara railway station. He said that work on construction of new foot over bridge is 0going on at platform No 1.

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