Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara: The Website of Ara Municipal Corporation (AMC) has become a show piece. The corporation had started its website to felicitate the citizens of Ara register their grievances or complaints online but they are yet to benefit from it as the website has not been updated. Not a single complaint has so far been filed through the social media. Some people alleged that the AMC was deliberately it while some other people were not even aware of the website.

The matter came to light when people tried to complain through the social media about dirty zone of ghats at different ponds and banks of river or canals. Even during Deepawali, the AMC had issued mobile number for registration of complaints but it proved useless as the mobile always remained switched off. The AMC had installed  street lights at different places by spending huge amount but they were found out of order during Dussehra and Deepawali. AMC Commissioner Pradeep Kumar said that he was looking into the matter and all the problems will be sorted out very soon.


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