Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : Stray dogs, cattle, monkeys and  pigs are causing problems to  Ara residents. Several persons have been bitten and injured by these stray animals. They can be seen on the campus of offices, Ramana Maidan, schools, colleges, and roads feeding on garbage. Ara Municipal Corporation (AMC) has formed a cell to tame such stray animals and over a dozen employees have been assigned the task but to no avail so far. Bihar Municipal Act  provides for slapping fine on the owners of animals moving on the roads but the AMC is yet to take action against them. Mayor, AMC, Sunil Kumar said that he had directed the Municipal Commissioner to take action.

Some people have set up their ‘khatal’ on the public land near S B College gate, Mahanth Mahadevanand Mahila College gate, Ramana Maidan, Hari Jee Ka Hata, Station Road, Katira, Anaith, Maulabagh, S  P Office, Old Kutchury and other areas and if anyone objects to it, they threatened them.

Municipal Commissioner, AMC, Pramod Kumar, said that the AMC launches drive to  catch stray animals from time to time and added that soon a tender will be invited for the ‘Kazi House’ (cattle pen) to keep the stray animals there. City Manager, AMC, Shekhar Kumar said that the AMC has formed a committee to catch the stray animals and the corporation had caught over a dozen stray animals and once again this exercise will be undertaken.

Municipal Commissioner, Pramod Kumar, said that Ara town will be free from the stray animals by March 31, 2017. The animals found moving on roads will be tagged to identify them and a cattle pen will also be opened to keep the stray animals and fine will be imposed on their owners. He said that the stray animals have been divided into three categories:Bulls, Cows and Buffalos in the first category, pigs in the second category and dogs and monkeys in third category. The unclaimed cattle will be sent to cow pen. He further said that employees of the AMC will have security cover to avoid any clash with the owners of the animals during the drive.

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