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Ara: Patients at Ara Sadar Hospital went on rampage late Friday evening when they found neither compounder nor a dresser there. Their attendants tried to force the doctor on duty to do the bandage and administer injections.

A number of patients had come to Ara Sadar Hospital for treatment after 8pm when Dr K S Choubey was on duty. The doctor advised bandage and injection after examining the patients and asked them to go to the compounder but as the  compounder and dresser were not on duty, their attendants went on rampage and raised slogans against the doctor and hospital administration. They also compelled the doctor on duty to administer injections and nurse them which the doctor refused and confined himself inside the emergency room.

Civil Surgeon (CS) Dr Ras Bihari Singh and Deputy Superintendent of Sadar Hospital Dr Satish Kumar Sinha rushed to hospital and made alternative arrangements. The CS said that the compounder and dresser had gone after completing their duty but no one had come replaced them. People said that absence of hospital staffs is a regular feature and they often come across such a situation when either doctor is absent or staff are not there.

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