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New Delhi : The Department of Posts on September 10, 2018, clarified that it is mandatory to produce an Identity Proof acceptable for important transactions like booking an International Parcel or International EMS (Mrchandise)for safety and security reasons. One of the accepted Identity Proof is Aadhaar, along with others like driving license, Passport, Voter ID etc which are also acceptable.

Aadhaar, as per the prevailing norms in the country, is not a mandatory document to be produced at the time of booking. Moreover, all such documents are only required for office record and are NOT required to be pasted on the consignments, according to a PIB release.

The clarification comes in the wake of a news report published in The Times of India, Bengaluru edition, dated September 10 with the heading “India Post asks for display of Aadhaar number on parcels”. The department said that it appears that the confusion was created by an erroneous message generated from the twitter account of the office of the Chief Postmaster General, Delhi Circle, wherein it was mentioned that pasting of ID proof on consignments is in accordance with international guidelines.

Instructions are being reiterated to the post offices to ensure smooth booking of articles taking the convenience and regulatory requirements into account together. The Department of Posts said that a copy of any ID proof including Aadhaar is required for booking of International Parcel and International Express Mail Service (EMS), Merchandise, for security purpose based on requests received from organisations like Narcotics Control Bureau and Wild Life Crime Control Bureau. India Post is committed to ensuring safety and security in its operations.

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