Alok Mishra

Patna: With `kharna’ observed on on Saturday by devotees, the Chhath Puja spirit has completely gripped Patnaites. Hundreds of Chhath vratees (devotees) remained without food throughout the day and after taking bath started preparing `kheer’ with arwa chawal, gud and milk and roti in the afternoon. The family members also helped the devotees in preparing the Prasad. The vratees (devotees) then offered these preparations to the Sun God with devotion.

The houses, where male or female are doing Chhath Puja, have been cleaned and some of them have been decorated beautifully.  Melodious Chhath songs-“kelwa je phare le ghawad se, upar sugwa merarai,” “Uga ye suraj mal, argya ke ber ayal,” rent the air in most of the houses across the state. Even those not performing this puja were seen helping the families performing the puja with much enthusiasm.

After the puja is over, prasad was distributed among the family members and neighbours, who took it as blessings of Sun God.

Final touch has been given to 81 ghats of Patna where the vratees would offer first arghya to the setting Sun God on November 6. Members of different social organizations also cleaned the roads, lanes and by-lanes in different parts of the state capital. In many areas, volunteers also joined the government agencies in cleaning the ghats of river Ganga.


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