Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Bhabhua : With a view to checking reckless use of chemical fertilizer by the farmer and maintain fertility of the land, the state agriculture department has planned to establish Wormy Bed Compost units. The department has decided to establish 2,252 units of Wormy Bed Compost Units in different villages of Kaimur district and subsidy will also be given to the farmers interested in making Wormy Bed Compost Unit. Several farmers have applied for this unit.

The farmers in their effort to get more and more yield use chemical fertilizer in their fields despite several warning from the agriculture department. Kaimur District Agriculture Officer (DAO) said that a farmer can establish 5 such units at a cost of Rs 6,000 each. The department will give him 50% subsidy on each unit.

The DAO said that  government has planned to establish Wormy Bed Compost Unit at commercial level and has fixed amount for units of 1MT, 2MT and 3MT capacity. The government will also give subsidy on commercial units. He said that the government will give Rs 16.40 lakh for the establishment of unit of 1MT capacity, Rs 32 lakh for 2MT and Rs 50 lakh for 3MT and also give 50% subsidy on each. He said that the government has decided to establish 51 ‘gobar gas’ plants and each plant will cost Rs 38,000 and the department will give subsidy to 19,000 beneficiaries under this project too.

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