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Ara : Bhojpur police, on a tip off, conducted raids under different police station on April 11, 2017, evening, and arrested 14 liquor smugglers and seized Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) in large quantity. Later, police forwarded them to jail.

Police conducted raid at village Dhamar under Ara Muffassil Police Station and seized 40 cartoons of IMFL though the liquor smugglers escaped from the scene. They also conducted raids at village Teghara under Bihia police station and seized 25 bottles of IMFL and arrested a liquor smuggler. The sleuths of Excise Department conducted raids at Sugi Bal, Kataria and Anua Tola villages under Agiaw Bazaar police station and arrested 13 liquor smugglers and also seized country made liquor in large quantity.

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