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Giridih : One hundred five year old Mohammad Badhan Ansari of village Doniya under Birni block in Giridih district in Jharkhand has constructed a ‘grave’ beside his wife’s grave six year after her demise. Badhan’s wife Aqli Bibi died in 2010 due to cardiac arrest, when she was about 95 year old. Badhan Ansari, 105, feels lonely after the death of his wife and has urged his sons and other members of his family to bury him after his death beside his wife’s grave.

“After spending almost 80 years together with my wife Aqli Bibi, I can never think of staying alone. Although, my sons, grandsons and other members of the family take care of me but none can remove my loneliness I feel after her death,” the old man sobbed adding that he wants to complete all the pending works he and his wife wanted to perform together. There are several works that are still pending just because of her sudden demise. ” I wish to be buried in a grave parallel to her so that I can get again love and affection,”, he added.

“We respect his unending love for my mother and are committed to fulfill all his wishes,” said Badhan’s eldest son, Jumrat Mi,an (60).   

“Their life style ‘together’ was really amazing. I never saw them separately till my mother’s demise” said his youngest son, Saqur Mian, a small farmer.

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