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New Delhi : PM Narendra Modi, in the second episode of his ‘Mann Ki Baat 2.0’ programme on AIR on July 28, 2019, suggested creation of a permanent book corner on the Narendra Modi App.  “Why don’t we create a permanent book corner on the Narendra Modi App, so that, whenever we read a book, we write about it and discuss it on this platform! And you can even suggest an apt name for our book corner. I want this book corner to be an active forum for readers & writers alike. So keep reading & writing; sharing with all friends of Mann Ki Baat alongside,” PM Modi said.

” But I must candidly admit here that I am not able to devote much time to reading books these days. But I have gained a lot, in the sense that based on your correspondence here, I got opportunities to know about the themes of many kinds of books. But the experience over the last one month makes me feel that we need to take it forward,” the PM said.

Speaking on water conservation, PM Modi said it is a matter of universal human interest. ” People have shared information on traditional methods. The media has embarked upon quite a few innovative campaigns. Be it the Government or NGOs, something or the other is being carried out on a war footing. Witnessing the might of the collective is in itself heart warming & satisfying. A case in point is village Aara Keram under Ormanjhi block, not very far from Ranchi in Jharkhand. The fervour & Zeal displayed by villagers there towards water conservation has turned out to be exemplary for one and all. The rural folk donated sweat, toiling collectively, to change the course of a mountain spring. It was a purely indigenous, home grown method. This has led to not only stopping soil erosion and  prevention of crop damage, but also facilitated effective irrigation of fields. And you will be happy to know that the beautiful North Eastern State of Meghalaya has become the first state to have formulated its own water-policy. I congratulate the Government of Meghalaya,” PM Modi said.

In Haryana, crops that require meagre water are being encouraged, he said. Farmers thus are saved from suffering losses. ” I specially congratulate the Haryana Government for establishing a connect with the farmers to wean them away from conventional modes of farming towards crops that do not require much water,” the PM said.

The PM also mentioned  about 10 children : Nidhi Baipotu, Monish Joshi, Devanshi Rawat, Tanush Jain, Harsh Devdharkar, Anant Tiwari, Preeti Nag, Atharva Deshmukh, Aronyatesh Ganguli & Hrithik Alaamandaa, who not only fought against Cancer but also brought glory & laurels to the country in sports. ” Each of these Ten children, not only fought against the dreaded disease cancer in their battle of life, but also brought glory & laurels to the country. In sports and games, we often get to see a player becoming a champion after winning a tournament or bagging a medal; this was a rare occasion when the participants were champions BEFORE they entered the contest… they were champions of LIFE, the battle, ” PM Modi said.

Speaking about Chandrayan II Mission, the PM said in the realms of Space, 2019 has been a very fruitful year for India. ” Our scientists launched the A-Sat in March. through the A-Sat, we have acquired the capability of destroying a satellite three hundred Kilometres away in a mere three minutes. India became the fourth country in the world possessing this capacity. And now, on July 22, the nation watched with pride Chandrayaan II taking strides into space from Sriharikota. Visuals of Chandrayaan II lifting off filled our countrymen’s hearts with glory, zest and joy,” he said.

Chandrayaan II is a mission that is special on many counts. It will lead to a better understanding of the Moon on our part. ” We will be able to gather detailed information & knowledge. But if you ask me what the two greatest lessons I have received from Chandrayaan II, I shall say they are Faith & Fearlessness. We should trust our talents & capacities; we should have faith in them. You will be glad to know that Chandrayaan II is INDIAN to the core. It is completely a swadeshi, home grown mission. This mission has proved beyond doubt, once again, that when it comes to attempting an endeavour in new age, cutting edge areas, with innovative zeal, our scientists are second to none. They are the best… they are world class,”he said.

The second important lesson is – never lose hope in the face of stumbling blocks or obstacles. ” The way our scientists rectified Technical issues in record time, burning the midnight oil, is in itself an exemplary, unparalleled task. The world watched the Tapasya, the awesome perseverance of our scientists.” PM Modi said, according to a PIB release.

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