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New Delhi : The Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu on October 2, 2018, said that the union of science and spirituality was the need of the hour for promoting a society that is free of terror, violence, poverty and discrimination. He said that the unique combination of science and spirituality would provide solutions to the contemporary challenges facing the world.

Inaugurating the dome-prayer hall & library and world parliament of science, religion and philosophy on MIT campus, Pune, Naidu said that peace is the foremost prerequisite for progress and development.  One can’t pay attention to development if there is tension, he added. He reiterated that all the countries in the world should come together to stamp out the menace of terrorism. Condemning all forms violence, he said that only ballot can provide solution not bullet.

Appreciating the architectural marvel of the dome having a diameter of 160 feet, Naidu said that it was not just a structure made of bricks and cement but it was a beacon of India’s rich cultural heritage.  He said that the message behind the dome was to prevent doom. Referring to the 54 bronze statues of revered scholars, saints, scientists, philosophers and gurus erected inside the world prayer hall, he expressed confidence that it will provide peace, inspiration and solace to millions of visitors from India and abroad. 

Appreciating MIT World Peace University for exposing students to modern science along with ancient values and spiritual wisdom, Naidu recalled that India had a long tradition of Gurukul education where Vedas and sciences, ancient values of brotherhood, humanity love, discipline and mutual respect were seamlessly woven into the curriculum.

Observing that India had enough of copying the western education model, Naidu called for a revamp of the present education system. He also stressed on the need to make the education system relevant to the job market. However, he pointed that education was not meant only for employment but also for enhancement of knowledge, empowerment and enlightenment.

Paying tributes to Mahatma Gandhi on his birth anniversary, Naidu said that the dome was a true endorsement of the Gandhian thought and a manifestation of all the good that comes out of it. He said, “Mahatma Gandhi’s life and teachings are a treasure trove of wisdom to the youth of today. He was a seeker of truth and pursued discipline and spirituality all his life. His teachings transcend the boundaries of time and space and have acted as the moral compass that has been guiding India’s journey towards progress, for decades.”

Referring to Swacchta initiative of the government of India, Naidu said he was confident that the country will achieve cleanliness by 2022 with the participation of every citizen.

Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Phadnavis, Eminent Scientist Dr. Raghunath A Mashelkar, Chancellor of Nalanda University Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Founder President of MIT World Peace University Prof. Dr V.D.Karad, the Members of Parliaments, Educationists, Scientists and Spiritual Gurus from various countries were present on the occasion.

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