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Ara: Hundreds of students og Government High School Dhandiha, Koelwar,  blocked the Koelwar-Chandi main road on Thursday morning and raised slogans against the school administration. They also burnt tyres on the road and paralyzed movement of vehicles for about three hours. The blockade was lifted after positive assurance from the SHO Koelwar police station in Bhojpur district.

The agitating students Government High School, Dhandiha, Koelwar said that the school administration took them to Patna on an excursion to visit tourist places there under the Chief Minister Paribhraman Yojana but the teachers who accompanied them took them only to Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park and the Shrikrishna Science Centre. When they requested the teachers to take them to other tourist places, the teachers left them at Patna and returned. The students returned their home and narrated the whole story to their parents on Wednesday.The DPO assured stern action against the school administration.

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