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New Delhi : Chairman, Rajya Sabha (RS), M Venkaiah Naidu, on September 9, 2020, took stock of the entire gamut of special arrangements put in place for holding the Monsoon Session of Parliament convened from September 14, 2020.

A mock session of the House was conducted with him in the Chair, and the Chamber and the four galleries of the House occupied by the staff of the Secretariat as per the seating arrangements already earmarked keeping in view the social distancing norms.  Staff members were also made to sit in and participate from the Chamber of the Lok Sabha, which becomes a part of the House for the entire session.

Every aspect of transmission of audio and video signals from one Chamber of the House to the other was thoroughly checked.  Interpretation signals were also found to be working well.  People sat in the Chamber of Lok Sabha were asked to participate in the discussions.  A sample voting process was also conducted by distribution of slips at all the three places.  Chairman Naidu  expressed his satisfaction over the arrangements made.

Naidu advised the senior officials of the Secretariat to ensure that all the guidelines issued by the Ministries of Home and Health & Family Welfare have to be followed very scrupulously.  He also directed the officials to remind the Members through an advisory about the health protocols to be observed by them before and during the upcoming session, according to a PIB release.

Naidu reiterated the need to get every member of Staff connected with the functioning of the House tested.  The officials said that testing processing was on for the last two days.  The Secretariat has been trying to tie up the loose ends, if any.

The Chairman also administered the oath to the newly elected Member from Andhra Pradesh Parimal Nathwani at his Chamber. The  Member made a special request for taking oath at the Chamber of Chairman. Oath/Affirmation for the remaining Members who could not take oath on July 22, 2020, will be administered on the first day of the Session i.e., September 14, 2020.