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Ara: Bhojpur police recovered three countrymade bombs from a field on outskirts of village Tetaria under Udwantnagar police station on Friday evening and defused them on the spot. Bhojpur SP Kshatranil Singh said that some persons had gone to Tetaria village under Udwantnagar police station on Friday for the measurement of a piece of land. When they were measuring the field, they saw three bombs kept there and immediately informed the police. SHO Udwantnagar Police Station Rajiv Kumar reached there and recovered three bombs. He immediately put them into a pail full of water to defuse them and brought them to the police station. The SP further said that these were countrymade bombs prepared with gunpowder tightly putting them into a box of tobacco and were planted in the field few days before with a view to commit crimes in the area.

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