Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Buxar : Secretary, Murar Gram Kutchery, Vikas Paswan, 30 , son of Sabaru Paswan of Pandeypur under Murar police station in Buxar District, was arrested on March 9, 2021, from Mohania Railway Station for allegedly faking his own kidnapping  to implicate some people of his village in the case to settle a dispute. with them He was sent  to jail.

In a high voltage drama, it was said, that Vikas Paswan was kidnapped on March 5, 2021, when he had come out to visit Gram Kutchery. He had also called his mother on mobile phone after an hour of his kidnaaping but after that the mobile phone was switched off. An FIR was lodged by police on the statement of his father.  During investigation, it came to light that Vikas Paswan had faked his own kidnapping to implicate some persons of his village to settle a dispute. As Vikas Paswan had talked his mother,  police found that he was at Mohania and recovered him from there.

Vikas Paswan told the police that he got a photograph of youth and girl of Pandeypur in objectionable position after which he had tiff with the villagers. The villagers also thrashed him. To take revenge from them, Vikas hatched a plan of his own kidnapping to implicate some villagers in false case.