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New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the inaugural session of 82nd All India Presiding Officers’ Conference here on November 17, 2021, via video conferencing. Speaker Lok Sabha, Chief Minister Himachal Pradesh, and Deputy Chairman Rajya Sabha were also present on the occasion.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said democracy is not just a system for India. ” Democracy is ingrained in our nature and part of life in India,” he said. He stressed, “ We have to take the country to newer heights, achieve extraordinary goals in the years to come. These resolutions will be fulfilled only by ‘Sabka Prayas’. And in democracy, in the federal system of India, when we talk about ‘Sabka Prayas’, then the role of all the states is a big basis for that.”

Continuing with the importance of ‘Sabka Prayas’, Modi said whether it is solutions to the decade old problems of the Northeast or completion of all the big projects of development that have been stuck for decades, many such works in the country have been done in the past years, it has been done by everyone’s efforts. He also cited the fight against Corona pandemic as a great example of ‘Sabka Prayas’.

The Prime Minister insisted that the traditions and systems of the Houses of our legislatures should be inherently Indian. He called for policies and laws of the Government to strengthen the Indian emotion of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ . “Most importantly, our own conduct in the House should be according to Indian values. It is the responsibility of all of us,” he added.

Modi said our country is full of diversity. “In the thousands of years of development, we have come to realise that in the midst of diversity, flows the grand, divine, and unbroken stream of unity. This unbroken stream of unity, cherishes our diversity, preserves it,” he said

The Prime Minister proposed whether 3-4 days in a year be reserved in the House, for the public representatives, doing something special for the society, tell the country about this aspect of their social life. He said that along with other public representatives, other people of the society will also get to learn a lot.

Modi proposed whether separate time for Quality Debates could be demarcated. He said such a debate in which traditions of  dignity and seriousness are scrupulously followed. With no one making political slurs on anyone. In a way, it should be the ‘Healthy Time’ of the House, a Healthy Day, he said.

The Prime Minister gave an idea of ​​’One Nation One Legislative Platform’. “A portal that not only gives the necessary technological boost to our parliamentary system, but also works to connect all the democratic units of the country,” Modi said, according to a PIB release. Modi  said that the next 25 years are very important for India. In this, he urged the parliamentarians to realise only one mantra – duty, duty, duty.

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मेरा एक विचार ‘वन नेशन वन लेजिस्लेटिव प्लेटफॉर्म’ का है। एक ऐसा पोर्टल जो न केवल हमारी संसदीय व्यवस्था को जरूरी technological boost दे, बल्कि देश की सभी लोकतान्त्रिक इकाइयों को जोड़ने का भी काम करे: PM @narendramodi