Satish Aditya
Motihari :  BJP National Vice-President & Purvi Champaran MP Radha Mohan Singh, incharge  of Uttar Pradesh, n September 10, 2021,  said  that AIMIM  leader  Asaduddin Owaisi is like a virus and BJP Minority Morcha is the vaccine that can prevent its spread  like Covid- 19  in the country. Radha Mohan said the AIMIM leader’s attempt to  unite muslims would lead to polarisation of the voters.

Radh Mohan  was addressing a meeting of Bihar  state BJP Minority Morcha at Motihari Town Hall on September 10, 2021. He said that  PM Narendra Modi  is  working hard  for all-round development  of the  country with the slogan ‘Sabaka sath , sabaka vikash and sabaka vishash’ . But some vested interest are trying to  divide the society, sai Radha Mohan. The  BJP  leader said that the leaders of RJD, Congress, and other  parties  talk  about Hindu-Muslim  only to  collect votes  but the  BJP is the only party which is  implementing  flagship  schemes  for  employment for boys and girls of  minority community.

Tufail Ahmad Qadari , state president  of  BJP Minority Morcha, Sabir Ali, National General Secretary  of Minority Morcha,  half dozen  MLA`s of East Champaran Ddistrict in North Bihar and large numbers of  members of minority community  participated at the
meeting. The meeting was presided by Mohabbul Haque, east Champaran District president of Minority Morcha.

Tufail Ahamad Qadari praised PM Modi and said  thathe is working  for prosperity  and well being of  all segments of  society
and Muslim  community is keen to be equal partner in the making of new India .  Sabir Ali  appreciated  the  implementation of minority welfare schemes under the  union government.