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New Delhi : Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu on August 9, 2020, called for an intensified campaign of ‘Knit India’ to enable a strong and fully emotionally integrated nation that would offer the best defence against the evil designs of forces inimical to the country.

On the occasion of the 78th anniversary of the launch of Quit India movement, Naidu, in a Facebook article, recounted in detail the series of foreign invasions and the colonial exploitation during the long period of 1000-1947 when the country was marked by lack of unity. He said that during this long period of second millennium, the country paid a very heavy price in the form of cultural subjugation and economic exploitation that enfeebled the once rich India, according to a PIB release.

The Vice President stressed that the hard fought independence in 1947 was not just about ending the colonial rule of the preceding 200 years but also bringing down curtains on the 1000 year long dark age during which the country was plundered at will by the invaders, traders, and the colonialists taking advantage of the lack of unity among the Indians.

Naidu said; “Lack of sense of belonging to each other and unity of purpose and action had led to long subjugation and exploitation of India. Learning from this, all Indians need to be bound by the shared sense of Indianness while pursuing their respective cultural values and ethos. This is all about nourishing the spirit of nationalism. A strong, unified and emotionally integrated India is the best defence against those casting an evil eye on us with questionable intentions.”

Naidu stressed on the need to Knit India into one single fabric by ensuring equality of all and equal opportunities for all and noted that a divided and iniquitous society does not enable the fullest development of all Indians to their capacity.