Vivek Hari

Patna : One Tanveer Alam, 35, was shot dead by 10-11 unidentified criminals in Shekha Roza colony under Khajekalan police station, Patna, at around 5 pm on August 13, 2018. He has apparently been killed in a gang war as he was accused in a murder case and had come out of jail recently.

The ciminals fred 5 bullets at him resulting in his spot death. The locals staged protest on the road by placing his body on a cart. Police had tough time pacifying the protestors. Tanveer was accused in murder case of one Ravi Mod. SHO, Khajekalan police station, said that Tanveer had criminal antecedents. He also said that no arrest has been made so far in this connection.

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